I’ve always been enamored by the beauty of a location’s fragrance -- you can smell the history in an old apartment in Paris,  the excitement of an opulent hotel, or the simple comfort in the air in a loved one’s home.   How thoughtful of a statement, I believe, to intentionally exhibit some creative influence over the fragrance of your space.

I began this project because I looked around at “the market,” but all I could find were cheap drugstore brands and candles that were trying to replicate other places (why would you want to be anywhere but home?).  I was also offput by the overpriced, pretentious attitudes in the fragrance world -- why does it seem so intimidating and unapproachable?  Meanwhile, high-end hotels and retail were using niche fragrances as "scent branding" to establish a sense of place.  I wanted to bring this concept into the home. 

My interest became an obsession when, six years ago, I stepped into the Institute for Art and Olfaction in Downtown Los Angeles, and completely fell in love with this art form.  It's rewarding, frustrating, exciting, and tedious.  Later, in 2015, I started Scenthouse LA in 2015 with the sole focus of lending creative intent to your space’s fragrance.  

Everything is made right here in Los Angeles and infused with the spirit of the city.  We have great respect for the tradition of perfumery but we feel no guilt about breaking a few rules here and there.    Scenthouse launched with five candle fragrances that were met with unexpected success.  We immediately went to work on Undertone A and Undertone B, which after two years of development and hundreds of iterations,  is the true realization and refinement of my original vision.

I’m so happy to get these two fragrances out into the world.