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Scenthouse is a niche group of Los Angeles artists and perfumers committed to elevating the art of home scent branding.   

We have an incredible respect for the rules and traditions of perfumery, but the spirit of living in Los Angeles implores us to intelligently and creatively bend the rules.   

We focus all of our energy into creating the most cognitive fragrances on Earth

We love the creative energy of Los Angeles and are passionate about educating others about olfactive arts and sciences. 

At SCENTHOUSE, you won’t find any literal Apple Pie or generic Sea Breeze scents.   Here, we’re inspired by the scent of a place that you didn’t even perceive until you smelled it again at a different place and time.   Or the smell of a jacket that someone left at your place.   These subtle but beautiful scents are what we target.

We're not for everyone, but if you appreciate the powerful influence the subtlety of fragrance can have, you might like us.  

Think of us as your base layer -- a premise upon which you write your own story.