Original photography for Scenthouse LA by Raphaël Chatelain

Original photography for Scenthouse LA by Raphaël Chatelain

LA Noir

Straddled between light and dark, a bright white flower covered in dust. 

Much has been written about the allure of Los Angeles – much more then could ever be covered here.   One thing most can agree upon, though, is that throughout its history, the city has always fittingly straddled between two opposites:  On the more popular end, you have the light and bright – the sun-soaked palms, the flashbulbs and glamour of a carefree lifestyle.   But on the more (which some would argue) tempting side, you have the noir – the dark side of Hollywood that only shows itself to those who took a wrong turn, or those with a curiosity for dissimilitude.   This dark side is where we focused for our fragrance inspiration.  

There are a handful of sanctuaries throughout Los Angeles that function as a respite for when the light becomes too bright.  Art deco hotels, residences inside ersatz dusty French castles where you can become completely disconnected in whichever method you choose.  Here you'll find dust, books, and paper - an ashtray with a few embers, all of this suppressing a beautifully bright muguet (lilly of the valley) accord wafting from under the door to the adjacent boudoir (she's locked herself in there). 



Top: | Herbacious Cordial Blend |

Mid: | Vintage French Perfume | Lilly of the Valley | 

Base: | Dust Absolute | Distant Tobacco | Tar |