Scent is transportive.  It has the powerful ability to evoke memory and emotion, more than any other of your senses. 

Think, for a moment, of that place in your memory with a specific smell – maybe it was your grandparent’s attic, your favorite hotel, or the pool you spent an entire summer in. 

If you’ve ever come across these fragrances outside of their origin, it can trigger an explosion of emotion. You’ll immediately envision exactly what you were doing, how old you were, and how you were feeling at the time.  Anyone who’s discovered an old bottle of their high school perfume in the back of their bathroom cupboard will know exactly what we mean.

This layer of perception -- location-based odors -- is where SCENTHOUSE likes to play.  The way we look at it, if emotions are so strongly linked to the smell of a location, then why not have a little artistic control over that in your own space?

This is called Scent Branding – choosing an olfactive identity for your space that will compliment your identity, and forever link the memories made in that space to that fragrance.


Home is a respite from the outside world, a constant after travel and exploration, a place to welcome only those who are closest to you for chic affairs and intimate moments.     Ultimately, the scent of a person's home is the summation of their life experiences.  Their travels, their treasures, their truths.  We all know the most memorable experiences utilize all of our senses -- yet the subtle fragrance of your home is often overlooked, despite its power to compliment the perception of its inhabitants.

Scent Branding is choosing an olfactive identity for your home.

With so many avenues to express ourselves, we have an amazing opportunity to express ourselves at every corner -- especially at home.  With continued use, UNDERTONE A or UNDERTONE B  will settle into your home and compliment your identity.



Here are a few questions and answers.  If you have a query not listed here, just drop us a line.  Save for our fragrance formulations, we don't keep any secrets.


How do you create your fragrances?

Great question.  First, a little secret about home fragrances.  Most companies you know -- even huge brand names -- don't design their own fragrances.  They contact a wholesale perfume manufacturer and use an off-the-shelf perfume oil formulation.  It's quick, and it's cheap.  At SCENTHOUSE, we begin with a sketch - a collection of emotions, ideas, images, and even sounds that paint a picture.  From there, there are hundreds of hours of experimentation and nearly endless tinkering.   Each of our fragrances took over two years of development.  The end results are nuanced and illusory fragrances that are like nothing else you've ever experienced.  


How much/how often should I use your fragrances?

Just like fragrance on your body, this is a personal decision and is completely at your discretion.   We recommend a few sprays every few days into the center of your room.   Even better, find use it on your A/C vents or fans for a fuller fragrance.    With continued use they will settle in and become part of your home, complimenting your unique identity.  


Are your fragrances all-natural?

No.  We use a combination of Natural and Synthetic ingredients.

There are ethical issues with "natural"  perfume ingredients.  For example, sandalwood has exploded in popularity in the past decade.  It takes 30 years for the tree to grow before you can extract a minute amount of oil.  Resources are dwindling, there’s massive deforestation, and a black market.    Is that really worth slapping an “all natural” label on your product when science has provided us a virtually indistinguishable carbon copy?

Synthetic ingredients are used when using their natural counterparts are endangered.  Also, using only natural ingredients is limiting and would only result in fragrances that are, quite frankly,  boring. 

We won’t get into it here, but the definition of “natural” fragrances is nebulous and somewhat flawed anyway (as anyone who has researched the same designation on foods will tell you).  Regardless – all ingredients are certified safe by the IFRA


Where are your products made?

The entire creative development process is within Los Angeles.  The glassware is from France.  The screen printing is done in London.   The fragrance oils are sourced from all around the world and the bottles are filled to-order here in Los Angeles.