September (1955)

Gassy and grassy.


September, because this fragrance captures the elusive moment where autumn is has just crept in.  

1955, because it was the center of the most optimistic decade in American history.  The middle class prospered; new homes were not only affordable, but plentiful.  Travel was cheap and the space age lied ahead of us.   People believed (correctly?) that the best was yet to come.   It's now positioned as an idealized year in American lore and the height of our passion for the automobile. 

Under the shade of a tree as the grass begins to become moist in the late afternoon, a mechanic’s white t-shirt sponging into the damp soil below.  A nearby car drips oil in the driveway.  

Lovers of freshly cut grass will be challenged by this fragrance, as a buttery-wood note and leaking petrol stain it with a slightly melancholic undertone.  Just like life in the 1950’s:  everything’s fine – until it breaks down.


Top: | Gasoline | Decomposing Grass | 

Mid: | Leather glove | Mechanic's Lube |

Base: | Damp soil | Chestnut Leaves | Guaiacwood |