The fragrance of self-improvement.  
Iron, steam, eucalyptus, black rubber.


Does this smell like a gym?  The short answer is yes, but, it’s the most beautiful interpretation imaginable.

Rational amusement, or, finding joy in the solidarity of organized leisure was the basis of our inspiration.  Very few vestiges of this bygone era remain in Los Angeles, one of the few being at the Los Angeles Athletic Club in Downtown.  Inside, there’s a subtle presence of the scent of improvement, of rubber shoes, chlorine in the air, iron (present in both weights and rusting shower pipes), eucalyptus steam,  boxing gloves, and wood basketball courts… We extracted these facets of gymnasia, distilled them down, and balanced them in absolute perfect harmony.  The notes coalesce and become melded in our minds with the positivity of progress and self-improvement.  It’s sexy, empowering, and uplifting. 


Top: | Eucalyptus | Steam | 

Mid: | Fresh Sweat | Cotton Towels | Chlorine |

Base: | Black Rubber | Iron |