Yacht Club

This is simulacra:  a copy with no original.  Polished brass, waxed mahogony, and white canvas - seaside. 


Here, we set out to replicate a luxurious location that exists only in our collective conscious. We started out by imagining an ideal Yacht Club - windows open to the water, bright polished brass fixtures, sassafras planks creaking with each wave,  white canvas flapping in the salt air.    We’re painting you a picture with these words, yes, but we’ve also extracted a note from each of these descriptors and created an amalgam that reads as a sun-soaked carefree private club on the water.    While this has aquatic notes, it's not your standard "blue" fragrance -- the ocean takes a distant stance from this interior.

Then we copied it, adding a little and taking a little away, over and over and over until we hit an iteration that was so beautiful, we couldn’t imagine tinkering any longer.   Rarely does making duplicates of duplicates yield a remarkable result, but this fragrance is an aberration.  

What a real yacht club actually smells like is anybody’s guess – so we can’t claim this is a copy of the real, but by virtue of creating it, it is real in it’s own right.


Top: | Citrus Waft | Bergamot | 

Mid: | Polished Brass | Aquatic Blend | Sassafras Planks

Base: | Mahogany | Wet Canvas |